I love My Grandparents

My Grand Love

We live in a virtual world that thrives primarily on Facebook, internet, mobile phones, and other social media. We have almost forgotten their struggles, sacrifices they have been through only to make us capable enough to face this world and make us smile. Never ever have they complained how much pain and suffering they might have to go through. They did everything so gleefully. Just imagine is the price that they have to pay for their forfeit? Let’s stop this and sharpen our focus in strengthening our relation with our grandparents and act as a catalyst in bringing the mojo back that has been lost over the years.

Grandparents I love My Grandparents

1. Dedicate some quality time for your grandparents and let them feel special

There is no denying the conviction that due our hectic and busy lifestyle these days, we are not left with sufficient time to spend with our family. After all we have become too ambitious and everyone is busy creating private wealth and faffing around. Nonetheless, Perception always differs from reality. To call a spade a spade our real “treasure ” is our grandparents who have left no stone unturned with their benediction to help us enhance prosperity in our lives. Now it’s time to pay back. There is nothing to frown and fret. It wouldn’t cost much. All we ought to do is just appreciate the little things that they have offered us with. Spend quality time with them. Take a day out from your busy life and make them relive their child hood days. Nothing would be as emotionally enriching as this one. You can also cook a heirloom/family favourite recipe together and make it a practice to have at least one meal a day together. Indubitably this would make them feel comfortable. For those who live far away from their grandparents, make cocksure either to visit at least one day a week or make a call and ask them how they have been? This warm gesture would cushion them respect and further strengthen the “Bond of Love“.

Remember friends: Love and respect are the two powerful axes that have the supreme power in winning a person’s heart. Each and every one of us on this planet are bestowed with this gift. It’s just the matter of recognizing and making our relationship worthwhile.

2. Celebrate their special day

Be it our grandparents Birthday or wedding anniversary, plan out an itinerary /small get -together with the entire family members. I am sure, We never forget to celebrate our friend’s birthday or girlfriend/boyfriend’s birthday. Then why not our grandparents? Don’t you think they deserve it? Wit no offence to anyone it has been observed frequently that in many homes grandparents are left desolated; some are even provided a separate room that too appears as if they have committed some crime. We do this so that they do not interfere in our daily lives. Don’t do that please. Consider them as a part of your family and make it a point to invite them in all family gatherings.Celebrating their special day would itself manifest and cherish their old memories. Moreover, they feel warm and protected with your care.

” Blessed are those families that have grandparents as a divine blessing”.

3. Be a Nepenthe in their difficult times.

Remember when we first opened our eyes in this world and cried. It was our grandparents who always made their presence felt for us. So now can we be so botched when they need us? Not at all. We never realize that some or the other day we would also be undergoing a similar transformation. Just try to put yourself in their shoes and experience the pain. When they are ill or going through tough times; just be there for them. Your assurance that you are there is enough to fill them with exuberating confidence and could script a new beginning in their rigid stances. Be an al-dente in this approach. As the average age is declining, most of us lost the treasure of having grandparents by the time we become adults.

4. Tell them that you are lucky enough to have them in your life.

If you are lucky enough to have living grandparents then that’s pretty grand. Express your feelings for them in a lucid manner. This little appreciation would bring jio-de-vivre in their life. One thing that we must never deny is that all the sacrifices made by them were completely out of altruism. So our grandparents are not waiting for us to give them something in lieu. However, we ought to realize the potential of relationships and our family values that has been lost in the labyrinth. We have to emerge as a leader in setting an example for the emergence of new breed and seek flashes of inspiration. Nevertheless, it is our utmost priority to take proper care of them and make a major conflagration in their lives.

We live only once so let’s not waste our time and hesitate to create a niche for ourselves in our grandparents heart. It’s never too late to do the right thing.

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