How to get FREE GIG on Fiverr

How to get FREE GIG on Fiverr How to get FREE GIG on Fiverr

How to get FREE GIG on Fiverr

Fiverr is an online marketplace where sellers can offer products or services, and buyers can purchase them for only $5.00, or for multiples of $5.00. The sky is the limit for the types of services or products that sellers can offer, as well as how many are offered, so long as the offering conforms to the rules and regulations of Fiverr.

Right now you can get a free Fiverr gig through TopCashback — they’re offering 100% cashback off your first Fiverr purchase up to $7. If you’re not familiar with Fiverr, it’s a website where people from around the world offer various services, “gigs” for $5 increments.

You can get various business jobs — logo designs, video editing, graphic design — and also some more fun and even bizarre options including a letter from Santa, snacks from a foreign country, and even having someone breakup with your significant other for you.

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Please note: To qualify for the first time purchase offer you must be a new user who has never purchased or registered to Fiverr. You can earn up to $7.00 cash back on any purchase through Fiverr. Transactions made in excess of $7.00 will only receive $7.00 cash back. Please note: You cannot earn cashback in excess of the transaction value.

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